51 weeks to go

Safe travel to everyone still on the road (or soon to be) following Cornerstone 20ten. What a beautiful week we had, full of musical and other highlights. I had a fantastic week and will look forward to doing it again.  I’ll bring more cookies for sharing.

My favorite sets:

Iona, Over the Rhine, Shel, Timbre, the Choir, Lost Dogs. I was working at Gallery while Photoside Cafe were on Main Stage, but I heard they knocked it out. Way to go, guys!

It was a joy and privilege to play with my friends in the Maron band and Ping. Thanks to so many friends for sharing the moment(s) with us.

Dignan stoled my cookies

I don’t know that I really need to say anything beyond the title of this blog post.  I left my 100% natural, whole grain Sunrise Energy Bars with Omega-3 at my little tuning station behind the Gallery Stage today.  I left briefly to do some techy things under the front-of-house mixing console, and then went to the Exhibition tent to settle up for the Ping shows. When I came back, Dignan was onstage. My cookie container had been relocated to a table, and about 1/2 of the cookies had been consumed. I noted that the Dignan folks were rocking with much energy, and seemed to faintly glow in the light of the setting sun (comparable to sunrise). They seemed to be very satisfied, so I must sadly conclude that they stole(d) my cookies, and now I cannot hog an entire box of them all by myself.

p.s. Dignan was rad and had a big Gallery crowd going bananas. Much love to them.

so it goes

the Choir is my favorite band, and i feel really lucky that I got to see them play again … 21 years after the first time I saw them on their tour for Wide Eyed Wonder. I missed everything before that, and wished I had seen them during the time supporting Chase the Kangaroo, but I made up for lost time. I’ve seen a LOT of Choir shows, and I was beyond eager to see one more.  which i did, tonight. and i’m glad i did. but by the band’s own admission, it was a rough gig, noticeably underrehearsed.

nonetheless, the sound the band makes is unmistakeable, and i still find it to be a beautiful thing. i hope they come back again before long (not another 5 year gap, please) and maybe work in another rehearsal or two ahead of time.  i love the fact that they’re playing new material, and that the new material is so good.  i’ve heard “Burning Like the Midnight Sun” once now, and it sounds like the work of people with a rare gift.

Irish Day, then Canada Day, then USA day …

Iona and the Choir are the big draws for me as a fan this year. It’s a little bit weird to say that about Iona, since I never bought any of their CDs before last night … But I”ve  had one of their songs stuck in my head for the 14 years it’s been since the last time I saw them at Cornerstone.  That song is “Irish Day,” and after a gorgeous set full of pipes and reels and prog rock riffing, the band gave me another treat by playing “Irish Day” in the encore.  I loved it.

Today is Canada  Day, and we started Gallery with native Beth Holtby on Gallery.  Very nice.

Now, counting down the days to USA day … two more days, and then the 4th of July. In the meantime, I’m counting down hours and minutes until the Choir’s set tonight!

By the way, I got my recording rig working. If anyone needs to set up a Mac with two MOTU devices, I can give you the tutorial.  Just be sure you’ve got all your cables and drivers ready.

p.s. Thanks to anyone who came to saw Ping yesterday.  That was such an excellent time.  Absolutely loved it.

better than my birthday

The Maron set went well on the Jesus Village stage, although I do wish we’d have learned to play a couple of Switchfoot songs so we could have played along with them while they were on Main Stage.  My wife and daughters were at the Switchfoot set before Maron got going, and I caught a few glimpses by going out to the road and checking the jumbotron.

Saw just a bit of Leper at Chelsea Cafe.  Seemed pretty evocative, and well appreciated by the goth crowd.

Gallery gets humming tomorrow at 1pm, and I’ll be there at noon to help get the day rolling, behind the scenes. Michael Roe’s up first during a whole afternoon that seems custom built just for me.  Roe, then Terry Taylor from DA, followed by Roe again with Derri from the Choir, and then I get to play a set myself.  What could be better?  Maybe capping off the evening with Iona.  Tomorrow seems like it’s going to be better than my birthday.

Better get some sleep!

“Cornerstone or bust,” he said …

I have arrived, and to prove it, I’m here!  … and I’m definitely not first. Looks like a good crowd, and plenty of dust getting kicked up already.   I’m looking forward to a great week, and maybe I’ll avoid a sunburn.

If anyone wants to be my absolute hero, find me and let me borrow your “bilingual Firewire” cable. It goes from Firewire 400 to Firewire 800.  It’s the one critical piece of gear that I left behind, and it’ll keep me from multi-track recording Ping, and more importantly, THE CHOIR.

You can find me almost anytime or leave a message backstage at Gallery.

I get to play bass with Maron tonight on the Jesus Village stage, which I’m really looking forward to.  I predict some bleed from the Switchfoot set, so maybe we can learn a couple of their songs and play along with them.

Ping’s set at the new Gallery Stage location is tomorrow at 4:15.  The band is sounding good, and we whipped up a brand new track on Monday (yesterday) that we’re going to play tomorrow. The song is called “Lucky.”  Very vibey.  Probably the closest thing to Choir style we’ve done since some of us were in Farewell to Juliet back in the dark ages.

Excited to be back here with everyone!