Thursday’s Youth Group of the Day

Thursday Group of the Day

Youth Group of the Day
Crosspoint Community Church
Nashville, TN

“I love it. It’s absolutely amazing.” 10th grader Lane Hinchliffe sums
up the feelings from Crosspoint Community Church as they make their
first trip to Cornerstone as a group. Youth leader Bret Pemelton is a
Cornerstone veteran, and this time brought 17 people nine hours to the

Lane said his favorite shows are War of Ages, Red, Family Force 5, and
the worship at Breakaway.

Emily Fernandez will also be a 10th grader this fall. She said there’s
one reason she came to Cornerstone, “The bands. The music.”

Her favorites include Owl City and Anberlin. She said the festival’s
been really cool and would tell her friends they should come next


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