About Bob Adams

I am a 36 year old lead pastor at Radiant Fellowship in Waupaca, WI. My wife and I have been married for 8 years and last year we adopted our two children (James 2 and Emma 1...biological brother and sister). I like doing ministry different thus we have "Church at the Pub" which meets Sunday nights at 8:00 p.m. in the tavern down the road. I look forward to saying "Hi" to you friend! Find me on facebook by going to www.facebook.com/pastorbobadams

I Found Myself at Cornerstone

The question God was asking me as I went to Cornerstone was “Who are you?” Over and over this kept playing in my head. To be honest I headed to Cornerstone yes, to participate in the ministry of Sanctuary and be a blogger…the bigger thing I went there for was to hear from God about 2010 and how it is a year of change for me. There are some things in particular that I needed firm peace on.

Before I became a pastor I really dug deep into outreach and working with people that were definitely the outcast type of people. It is funny but I even liked to dress a certain way (hippie meets metalhead) and really went into being a youth pastor as a bit of a rebel…I guess some things never change. I had no other family go before me as a pastor, I joke around that I am a PK (a polisher’s kid) but immediately saw things that began to change me. I was not a suit wearing person and the first church I went into was a fashion show in which I was required to wear a suit. From that point on I began to morph into someone that was being tamed by the institution. When I did get away to camps, outings, etc. I would wear shirts and things that made some Christians wonder. They were Godly t-shirts but some refused to see it. I remember a directors wife at a camp scolding me in front of my teens for wearing such an “ugly/ungodly” shirt. The funny thing is it said, “Dead to the World, Alive in Christ” on it in a big skull. I kindly responded…”I feel the same way about your shirt” (probably from Dress Barn or something). I have always had a rebel streak in me though I never want it to get out of control.

When I moved to Waupaca I continued to become a people pleaser for all the wrong reasons the first year or two. After I began to see the ugly side of religious politics I decided to throw it all out the window. The biggest eye-opener for me was the minute I became the youth pastor to a district official. At big meetings people would come up to me and be buddy buddy that were never that close to me before. It appeared to me that because I am now in this position working with that particular person, I am now someone that others will hang out with so they can get in with the pastor I served under. It was then that this persons silo came crashing down and I lost 90% of those “close” people as friends because of a fall-out that happened. I still get random pot-shots taken at me via email, facebook, or face to face conversation. This made me all the wiser for what was ahead as a lead pastor (senior pastor).

So here I am now in the desert and what an exciting place it is! There is a negative connotation that the desert can be a bad thing, however in the bible the word “desert” means “without inhabitants”, not “without vegetation or water”. I love how one author describes the desert vs. forests. “When a man walks or rides into a forest, he is lost among the trees, can’t see ahead, doesn’t know what might be lurking there. The forest surrounds him, obscures him with shadows, confuses itself with him by its vertical composition and competitive detail. But when a horseman appears on the desert plain, he dominates it instantly, his view extends as far as the eye can see, and enemies are exposed to his gaze. The desert flatters the human figure by making it seem dominant and unique, dark against the light, vertical against horizontal, solid against plane, detail against blankness.”
The openess of desert space also symbolizes infinite access. As Tomkins notes, “There is nothing to stop the horseman’s free movement across the terrain…Distance, made palpable through exposure and infinitely prolonged by the absence of obstacles, offers unlimited room to move. The man can go, in any direction, as far as he can go. The possibilities are infinite.”
It is time to run free after a refreshing time of re-finding who I am while at Cornerstone Festival where I truly feel at home among the wierdos, goths, metalheads, preps, jocks (though few), hippies and free-thinkers. Fact of the matter is two tents down was a lesbian couple that felt at home at Cornerstone. I am not downplaying the fact we all need Jesus and some things are not okay. What I am saying is God created us uniquely and we should not stray from that to fit some kind of mold or to appease some person/people/institution. God spoke to me in such awesome ways this past week through song, teachings, and one on one conversations with people I look up to.
Who am I? I am a unique free-thinking pastor that won’t be bound down by ideals that don’t line-up with scripture. I am a black t-shirt wearing person that loves everyone and hates no-one. I am a pastor that has little to no tolerance for religious crap (politics) that bogs a church down so it cannot be free to find God unless it goes through a filter. I am person that is a Christ follower first, husband and father second and pastor third. I am a pastor that welcomes questioning and skepticism in a church so that it leads to a deeper understanding of who the one true God is. I am a person that invites you to journey with me on through life understanding I am not better than you and you are not better than me. Rather we are following the one true God together which will tighten our bond to each other and to God.

I am telling you…God is at Cornerstone and he always reveals himself to me among what some might call, “THOSE PEOPLE!”

What a Run

As I am writing this blog I am looking at the beautiful view from my screen tent looking down the road at the lake here on the Cornerstone grounds. Looking around and reflecting back on the week, I cannot help but to say “Thank you God for letting me be here and using me in new ways.”
The events that transpired at the Sanctuary tent were great. Every day there was a great line-up of bands that loved Jesus. The Bombworks record day was definitely a highlight. That evening wrapped up with Rex Carroll (lead axeman of Whitecross) playing. When he began to play Nagasaki…IT WAS AWESOME!
For me personally to sit in the trailer and talk to band members, give some counsel and just minister to people was an experience I will never forget. I will admit that the Sanctuary tent was not the same without Pastor Bob Beeman or Jim LaVerde in attendance but God still did some awesome things at this tent.
I hope you plan on being a part of this great ministry again next year when Pastor Bob and Jim LaVerde will be back. Sanctuary is a ministry that has blessed me since I was a teenager and still does to this day. You can visit Sanctuary online at www.sanctuaryinternational.com or visit my ministry online as well www.thatsnotmygod.com.
Have a safe trip home!

Hi Neighbor

This year I got to bring my wife for the first time to Cornerstone. One of the misconceptions a newbie to Cornerstone may be that you will get a nice private campsite much like one you might have at a KOA or Jellystone campground. Upon arrival you find this to be the complete opposite of your traditional campground.
If you are an introvert, and plan on camping, you will be forced to break out of that mold. If you arrive early you may begin to think not too many people will show up and you will have much space for yourself. It is when you leave for your first concert that you are surprised with all of your new neighbors. Even after many people surround your campsite and you get used to them, you will still see late comers to the campground looking for a site. What seemed to be a full campground already is now their new place to camp. It is amazing how many people can pack into one campsite. What seems to be a full campsite gets fuller.
This is the great part. Unless you are camping next to a stage the chances are you will have great neighbors. This is the case for my wife and I. We met our new neighbors who drove 20 hours from Florida to be at Cornerstone…this made my 6 hour trek to Cornerstone child’s play. I guess you could say one of the pleasantries of being a camper is making new friends. I have yet to hear of someone having a bad experience and if everyone was fortunate to have campers next to them like the ones we have….you will have a very pleasant Cornerstone experience.

The Hippies…They Are a Dancing!

Last night proved something to me that I already knew….hippies, head-bangers, Goths, etc. cannot resist the sounds of growing up. When Toby Mac hit the stage last night I will admit I was thinking what many were saying, “Toby Mac? Cornerstone? Really?” You could hear people jokingly say how much they don’t care for his music. Some where I was sitting would even leave and then come back. This concert by far was the largest production on the main stage so far. From dancers to full band Toby Mac was in full effect.
I have come to the conclusion as a person that grew up listening to DC Talk that Toby Mac is today’s Carman. It should come as no surprise because when Carman was at the top of his game it was Toby Mac and DC Talk that were touring with him.
This is why I say he is today’s Carman. If you grow up with a certain artist that you listened to and years later get to hear him again, though your music likes have changed….sometimes you cannot beat listening to music that you can sing along with word for word.
On my way to see Iona last night I saw a sight that confirmed this. My wife and I were walking and I turned to her and pointed, I said…”The hippies, they are a dancing!” It was a great sight to see people with dread locks and sundresses dancing hip hop to the tunes of Toby Mac. Cornerstone once again knows what it is doing by bringing in the likes of Toby Mac. It is a place for everyone!

The Official Start

Today Cornerstone is officially in full swing! My wife and I kicked it off this year with a teaching at the X1 tent. A lady by the name of Sherri Blue was speaking really was quite interesting. She talked about how Christians can be just as guilty of idolatry as non-Christians. This is what makes Cornerstone great! It is a melting pot of teachings here at the festival and I believe that is what people need. It is my opinion the minute we stop listening to other teachings beyond our “denomination or fellowship” is the minute we stop being stretched intellectually in our growth of who Jesus Christ is.
The Sanctuary tent continues to be a great place of heart-pounding Christian metal. Today this tent played host to Bombworks record label which is exciting to see new up and coming bands.

The Worship Aspect

When you walk onto the Cornerstone grounds a day or two early you begin to hear much of the same music. I am not talking down about it; I think it is great to see so many bands playing back to back. With that many bands and what seems to be about 70% all sounding the same on the generator stages it is great to see a tent like “Sanctuary” or “HM” doing worship and doing it well. Last night I saw many people that may not be familiar with the ministry of the tent just walk in and begin to worship because it sounds good and it is a refreshing sound from bands that scream and growl everything.
This reminds me when I attended Cornerstone back in the early to mid 90’s with a press pass. One of my favorite questions to ask artists in the press tent was “what is your favorite style of music?” This question was usually answered with one simple word…..worship. I love all styles of music here at Cornerstone from bands like “Iona” to “Becoming the Archetype.” One could and does sit through hours upon hours of music like this but when you hit a great set of worship….it is truly a breath of fresh air to simply remind us why we are here…because we serve a great God and everything here should be used for HIS glory.
What is the group you have or will enjoy the most at Cornerstone 2010?

It’s HERE!

As you are sitting in your campsite, the faint rumbles of bass and the screaming of voices begin to permeate the grounds. This is no natural disaster…this is Cornerstone and these are the bands! Although Cornerstone has not yet officially started there will be plenty to do today! I personally am looking forward to seeing Glenn Kaiser do a solo show tonight.
I had the great pleasure of meeting the Sanctuary International ministry team where I will be speaking throughout the evening sessions. I am really excited about this…as I walked into the tent they were signing up bands to play throughout the day. I was most impressed with their kindness towards other bands. My new friend, Kevin who is with Sanctuary told me they provide food for these bands that are looking to play. This truly is a unique ministry to these new bands that perhaps used much of their funding to simply travel here and play. I look forward to meeting many of these bands and musicians.
Cornerstone is looking to be a great time this week….If you are attending Cornerstone I would love to meet you at the Sanctuary tent. However, if you are not at Cornerstone this year….you can find out more about me by going to www.thatsnotmygod.com or www.facebook.com/pastorbobadams. I look forward to saying “hi!”.

Don’t Leave Before You Go

When I think of Cornerstone I equate it with vacation. It is truly a place that you can let your guard down, turn off the gadgets and let you be reintroduced to yourself. For me the vacation begins when I have the truck loaded up and my wife and I begin the descent down from the great white north. I look forward to hearing all of the bands from Glenn Kaiser to ARE YOU KIDDING ME…LIVING SACRIFICE!!!!!?? The most anticipated concert for me on this trek will be Iona.

There is something to warn you about though when you go on vacation. There can sometimes come a point in a vacation when you have had enough. When you get to that point I would encourage you to fight it and really settle in to enjoy the rest of your stay. Perhaps you will be missing kids, home, or maybe even work. I would emphasize that you stay locked into vacation mode until the day you leave so that when you do finally get home, your batteries will be renewed and you will refreshed.

I heard this saying once as I went on a Jesuit silent prayer retreat. The retreat director told me this, “don’t leave before you go.” Think about that for a minute. When you get to Cornerstone…turn your brain off, get your campsite ready, enjoy some great concerts and teachings but most of all let God “Shuv you to your nephesh.” I will be talking about this at the Sanctuary Tent on Thursday night at 8 p.m.

Sanctuary at Cornerstone 1

The two Pastor Bob's

In a few short days my wife and will be heading down to Cornerstone Festival (about a 6 hour drive)! I began attending Cornerstone back in the mid 90’s as a late teenager. Something happened when I turned 22 that prevented me from attending any longer…I became a youth pastor. One of the highlights for me was to attend the Sanctuary tent to hear Pastor Bob Beeman speak each night. It was his ministry that got me excited to work with young people.

Fast forward a few years to 2010 and now I am the lead pastor of a church and good friends with Pastor Bob Beeman. Over the past few years Pastor Bob and I have become good friends, he even came up a couple times to speak at the church I pastor. This year I get to return to Cornerstone with my wife (a newbie to C-Stone) to enjoy the great concert line-up and times of ministry. The highlight for me will be speaking at the Sanctuary tent due to Pastor Bob’s absence. I am literally bummed he will not be able to make it and am truly humbled that I would be asked to speak at this event I loved as a young adult (now 36).

There are some amazing things going on at the Sanctuary tent and I will keep you posted on all that is happening. Be sure to stop by the Sanctuary tent and say hi to me!