What’s the future of the church? It’s us.

This afternoon presented a new-to-me experience at Cornerstone: a Leadership Forum for church & ministry leaders. Glenn Kaiser moderated a conversation about burn-out among ministry leaders, helping the body act according to their gifts, community & accountability for ministers, and other tough issues church & ministry leaders face. The seminar was a cross-section of Cornerstone (minus teenagers, naturally) – but with men & women of all ages & styles, representing different denominations, methodologies, and styles.

As a church staff member, when I read the description of this forum, I knew I had to be there. Though I’m part of a large staff, it’s still nice to network with others who understand some of the struggles I face. Since I suppose most of our blog readers aren’t church staffers, I’m not going to give a point-by-point summary. Instead, I want to just talk about one of the final questions and hopefully inspire you to think.

One attendee asked “What’s the future of the church?” How would you answer that question? I know I can find statistics that show trends, and talk to theorists who say this or that, and can find plenty of online debates about church methodology or practice. But, really, what is the future of the church?

Glenn Kaiser answered this way, giving the response I want to embody as well: “It’s us.”

So, amidst the blog coverage of bands, silly costumes, and everything else that’s going on around us right now – here’s your introspective question of the day.

What’s the future of the church & how are you living it out?

Cornerstone Life in Photos

Feel like you’re missing out on Cornerstone since you couldn’t make it to the farm this year?

Wondering what your kids are up to this week?

Wanting to know what there is beyond music?

Here’s a little of what you could be experiencing (all links take you to the photo gallery):

Next year, just outside Bushnell!