Andrew Marin: Love is an Orientation, Session One

Part one of Andrew Marin’s Seminar Track


“Love is not just a word. It is a measurable expression of one’s unconditional behaviors toward one another.” After his three best friends came out to him, Andrew Marin was moved to relocate to a gay community in Chicago to try to understand this culture and what it would mean to truly incarnate Christ within it. His experiences and insights from a variety of creative bridge-building efforts among GLBT people have challenged people on all sides of the issue with a reconsideration of what it means to represent and live the Gospel among our GLBT neighbors.

Richard Twiss: Jesus, A Tribal Man Becomes The Beauty Way, Session One

This is the first part of Richard Twiss’s first seminar track from Cornerstone 2009.

Please Note: Cornerstone Festival was very pleased to have Richard Twiss share this excellent seminar track at Cornerstone 2009. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. However,
it does contain some occasional explicit language.


Creator came to earth as a human being from the Tribe of Judah to bring all of creation back into harmony with the Beauty Way; Jesus came as a black-eyed, black-haired, dark-skinned indigenous boy. As this seminar will show, First Nations Christ-followers are uniquely situated to enrich understanding of the Gospel and discussion about non-western paradigms of church life.

Soong-Chan Rah: The Next Evangelicalism, Session One

This is the first part of Soong-Chan Rah’s The Next Evangelicalism seminar track from Cornerstone 2009.


Demographic changes will impact evangelicalism’s future – which has already begun. Will the transition to a vibrant, multi-ethnic Evangelical world be smoothed or slowed by existing institutions and congregations? This seminar surveys the new reality, its implications, and how Evangelicals can follow the best of their tradition on the right side of history and the Gospel.