Introduce Yourself!

I’m taking a lunch break here at my actual job at Georgia Tech, and starting to really think about Cornerstone, so I figured I’d go ahead and get started with the blogging. The fest is one of my most anticipated weeks of the year, and now that work is (kind of) starting to wind down in advance of my vacation, I’m ready to get on the road.  This is my lucky 13th Cornerstone in a row, so I’ve got the packing and planning down to a science at this point. (And let me say that the rise of the iPod has made life a lot easier – no more agonizing over which 60 CDs to pack up and bring – I’ve got a couple weeks’ worth of music in my pocket!)

I’m almost ready to finalize and print the DIY fest program that my friends and I make every year to help us find new bands (and make sure we don’t miss old faves, though there are always some disappointing conflicts).  I’m making plans with the guys that are riding with me about when we’re leaving and where we’re eating.  I’m starting to think about what extra stuff I want to load onto my iPod for the 13 hour drive, and what kinds of playlists I need to make. I’ve printed out a bunch of fliers for my friend Jeff’s band to hang up around the fest (so if you see a guy with long hair taping up Jeff Elbel + Ping fliers, come say hi!).  So yeah, other than actually packing up the car and hitting the road, I’m about ready to go.

Just a few more days – I can’t wait to see all of you on a farm in Illinois!

Sanctuary at Cornerstone 1

The two Pastor Bob's

In a few short days my wife and will be heading down to Cornerstone Festival (about a 6 hour drive)! I began attending Cornerstone back in the mid 90’s as a late teenager. Something happened when I turned 22 that prevented me from attending any longer…I became a youth pastor. One of the highlights for me was to attend the Sanctuary tent to hear Pastor Bob Beeman speak each night. It was his ministry that got me excited to work with young people.

Fast forward a few years to 2010 and now I am the lead pastor of a church and good friends with Pastor Bob Beeman. Over the past few years Pastor Bob and I have become good friends, he even came up a couple times to speak at the church I pastor. This year I get to return to Cornerstone with my wife (a newbie to C-Stone) to enjoy the great concert line-up and times of ministry. The highlight for me will be speaking at the Sanctuary tent due to Pastor Bob’s absence. I am literally bummed he will not be able to make it and am truly humbled that I would be asked to speak at this event I loved as a young adult (now 36).

There are some amazing things going on at the Sanctuary tent and I will keep you posted on all that is happening. Be sure to stop by the Sanctuary tent and say hi to me!

Holy Cow, It’s Almost Time!

I can’t believe that one week from today, I’ll be back at the festival.   Cornerstone has been the centerpiece of my summers for a long time now, but I still get excited every time the end of June rolls around.   Looks like it’s been a wet summer in western Illinois – might be smart to prepare for some mud.

Can’t wait to see all of you there.  I wonder what bands we’ll see this year that we’ll still be talking about in 2020?

Are you ready for 20ten?

Less than a week until Cornerstone Festival? Are you ready?

This will be festival #11 for me, so I know basically what to expect, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to go yet. Over the next few days, I’ll be packing & prepping for our 1000-mile trip from Texas to Illinois and a week filled with great music & great friends. Here are some things I need to remember (which might be good for you to think about, too):

  • Finish making my list of must-see bands. Thanks to the Cornerstone Schedule Creator, hearing about bands via twitter/facebook, and the collective wisdom of many friends, I’m starting to make my must-see list. I’m already seeing several conflicts, which is just part of what makes Cornerstone fun — too many good choices! The actual program can be previewed online, to help all of us decide what to see.
  • Preview the seminars. Every year, I confess I don’t make it to as many seminars as I should. So, again this year, I’m going to preview more seminars/speakers and pick a few to attend.
  • Research what new albums I can pick up easily at the fest. And, I wonder, can I buy yet another Seabird shirt? I only own three of them… 😉
  • Pack jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Any Cornerstone veteran knows not to trust the long-range forecast (this is the midwest afterall), but it still seems like there might be some colder nights this year. (a nice break from the heat here in Texas, I think)
  • Make a quick run to the store for my Cornerstone survival pack:
    • A small bottle of hand-sanitizer (for the porta-potties).
    • Earplugs. No, if it’s too loud, that does not mean you’re too old. 🙂 I know I’ll go down-front for a few shows, and I’d like to save my hearing so I can keep enjoying music for decades to come.
  • Remember to pack our tickets! There’s still time to purchase tickets online, and there will be tickets available at the gate.

See you next week outside Bushnell!