Cornerstone Festival 2012 Is Underway!

We’re here! Our car pulled into Illinois today, but Cornerstone Festival is already off and running. It’s going to be a hot one this year, so stay cool, drink lots of water, and pace yourself.

This is going to be an unusual Cornestone, what with the announcement that this is the last one. We’re going to have a lot of fun, but there will be a lot of memories, a lot of introspection, and hopefully some fond farewells. I’m looking forward to not only reporting about this year’s festival, but sharing some of my great memories from festivals past. Everyone I’ve talked to has so many stories and we’ll try to share some of them during the week.

It’s the last dance, so let’s make it a good one. Here we go with Cornerstone 2012


  • It’s the last dance? Really??? You can’t say that since Afterhours isn’t there can you? 😉