Live music still surprises me

Like I’ve mentioned in past years, my friends & I spend the months leading up to the fest previewing every single band playing Cornerstone. I, personally, listened to way more than half of this year’s bands. I thought I knew what to expect. Even so, there are still moments when live music surprises me. I had two such moments on Wednesday:

Oh Sister, Oh Brother

With apologies to the band, I must admit that when I previewed them online, I honestly thought that the music just wasn’t quite working. I thought it was a little too simple and stripped down and that the vocals didn’t work. Maybe I was having a bad day, or maybe I just didn’t see the real beauty. But, I most certainly saw it yesterday afternoon a the Gallery. The lead singer’s vocals are ephemeral & beautiful, the band is tight, their melodies are strong (the overall effect is Eisley-ish, as a rough comparison). I actually found myself thinking that this is a band we’d see on the Gallery at night in a year or two, before remembering that’s not to be. The live show captured something special, making this a band I’ll definitely be seeking out again.

David Curtis

David Curtis (and band) earned several new fans yesterday by filling the Gallery with Jesus-focused, musically-vibrant, solid rock & roll. He started & closed with the crowd wanting to sing along to an old Gaither line (“Jesus, Jesus, Jesus… there’s just something about that name), which morphed into a style all his own. I think the EP I picked up from this side-project of the lead singer of Run Kid Run will easily fit into my favorite playlists. Don’t discount this as just some side-project; David’s worshipful lyrics and solid musicianship are worth seeking out in many different forms.

Do you remember moments when live music surprised you at Cornerstone?