Saturday – quick

There are certainly a few wrap-up posts to come. But, for anybody following along at home, I wanted to put out a quick post about what happened on this final Saturday.

The Choir, the band who opened the first day of the very first Cornerstone, wrapped it up on the Gallery to a passionate crowd. Customizing “Everybody in the band” to express thanks to JPUSA and their Cornerstone family was a nice touch. They very appropriately closed with “To Bid Farewell.” (update 7/9: find Derri Daugherty’s¬†introduction to the song and the performance of “To Bid Farewell”¬†here on youtube. I can’t yet get myself to re-watch it. Beautiful & emotional.)

Earlier in the day at the Gallery Kye Kye, The Farewell Drifters, Timbre and Josh Garrells played to great young crowds, including quite a few people (shown by raise of hands) attending their first — and last — festival. I don’t know if it was just my brain looking for themes, or if it were chosen by the bands, but I noticed many lyrics today that were appropriate in saying goodbye. Among those is this line from the Farewell Drifters: “Everything comes to an end, my friend.” As much as people may have joked today about “Occupy Cornerstone,” it is true that even good things come to an end.

Norma Jean reportedly brought the fest to a good close on the Underground stage (though I wasn’t there, admittedly). They started about the time that many people were walking back from the beach after being part of a crowd giving Cornerstone a send-off with flames and a few fireworks. Just wait until you see pictures of that!

The highlight of the day for me (in terms of scheduled events) was the morning memorial/church service. Honest worship (led by Glenn Kaiser, his daughter Ami, and Hilde from The Crossing) combined with poignant stories from fest-goers, and a very emotional and appropriate sharing of the Lord’s Supper.

Safe travels to everyone as we head home from Bushnell for the last time.