I swear it was the fourth of July

The calendar claims that it’s July 4th. My body does not believe it, nor does my mind. Where are the great-American cookouts in the back yard? Where are the parades? Where’s the heat? Answer: not here. But, it’s still a great day here at Cornerstone.

(And, we did have fireworks on Friday night.)

This afternoon, I took refuge under the Encore I tent, along with a huge percentage of fest-goers who haven’t packed up yet. Turns out this was a great choice.

First up was Seabird, favorites of mine from the past few fests. They welcomed us by saying “We love it here. Cornerstone is like a sanctuary. But, we get here and it turns out it’s more like a cesspool.” The band talked about how they weren’t exactly on a morale high, but with the crowd’s response to each song, it was rising. I hope this fares well for their other show, tonight at 9:15 at the Grrr Records stage, as well as for their new album, which they start recording next week.

Classic Crime CrowdClassic Crime was up next. And, not shockingly, they too made reference to the weather, saying “This is like the Christian woodstock, it’s so muddy!” The wet & muddy crowd responded to this band very well, with a lot of togetherness – singing & swaying together.

The Fold played next, to another crowd happy to see some driving rock, and also stay out of the rain. The highlight of the show was a guy from the audience coming on stage to dance along to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean.”

So, despite this not feeling at all like Independence Day, Cornerstone keeps going strong. Check out the fest photo page, which is bound to include lots of fun in the mud (as well as coverage of all the bands that are playing “main stage” tonight).

*Oh, and continuing the trend of my prior post, the title of this one is also from a song. This time – from The Violet Burning. I think we listen to this coming into the festival grounds every year.