Day 4, Now With Rain!

Rain fell hard last night so many tents were flooded and washed out.  The rain has slowed down a little bit, but it hasn’t dampened spirits too much.  For sure by the end of the day we’ll be seeing kids covered in mud.

The big news of the afternoon is that the Main Stage acts of the day have been moved to covered tents for the evening.  The times are the same, but War Of Ages and Living Sacrifice will be playing at the Encore 1 stage while The Devil Wears Prada and Underoath will be playing at the Gallery Stage.  Those shows are going to be crazy.  I might have to at least take a peek at those shows.

Meanwhile, there’s fun in the afternoon to be had.  Seabird started out the day on the Indoor Stage.  This piano-based band sounds great and they will be performing again tonight so I’ll have to drop by again.  Afterwards, a large crowd was present for The Classic Crime as they delivered a high energy show.  The last band we saw on the Indoor Stage was The Fold who actually delivered the first full Micheal Jackson cover of the day, playing Billie Jean, complete with a kid brought onto the stage to do MJ’s moondance.  The band threw beach balls into the crowd, which after hitting the muddy floor, managed to spray every one with mud as they flew around.  Good times.

It’s time for a little dinner break, my last one at Cornerstone this year.  After that, the craziness with the Main Stage bands starts.  I’m probably going to check out Nitengale and Seabird again, but I can’t possibly pass watching some of the wild action going down just a tent or two away tonight.