REIGNITE Day ignites Cornerstone

We’re underway at Cornerstone 2009! Hello kids, my name is Jeff and I’ll be bringing you updates as the festival goes on. The weather is incredible so far with a cool breeze and big clouds moving across the sky. Today is REIGNITE day and many bands are making the debut at the festival. I don’t recognize many of the names on the schedule, but I’m having fun discovering new bands. Crimson Refuge started the day out well and Divided By Friday followed it up with a fun show featuring a cover the Temptations “My Girl.”

After a brief lunch, I headed back over to the Encore stages to see Darcy. They were a fun, hooky, catchy band dressed to the nines in vests and ties. Like many of the bands here, this is their first time on the stage here.

On the streets at the entrance of the festival, there are several ad hoc stages put together and powered by generators. These “generator stages” give a lot of bands the chance to play even if they aren’t on the official stages or give the crowd a chance to preview the band before they play their show. Shows on these stages can be totally unpredictable, it can be a noisy mess or a taste of something great. While walking down the street, I stopped to hear a performance by Astellaway. I’ll have to catch them again on their Encore Stage later in the week.

Everything is under way! The generator stages are cranking and kids are rocking. The fun has just begun.

  • Hey Jeff!!! I was wondering if you happened to catch any of our set? We were on at 10:00am on Encore II on Tuesday for Reignite day. We have since signed a major deal with Brian “Head” Welch’s label…Driven Music Group and signed with management as well. Loved your coverage of the festival and we hope to be back in 20Ten. Our cd drops worldwide, first quarter 20Ten. Be blessed hardcore!!!!!!!!

    Eddie of Even the Dogs