Wrapping Up Day 4

The Gallery tent was overflowing with throngs of people at the The Devil Wears Prada and Underoath.  I haven’t seen many shows that full and I’m sure inside it was chaos.  Strobe lights blasted the night sky and the ground thudded from the bass.  I caught a little bit of it, but there was some other music to see, also.  I finished the night with Nitengale and Seabird at the P12/Grrrr tent, just a short slide through the mud from Gallery Stage.  Nitengale comes all the way from Fairbanks, Alaska via Nashville.  They are currently in discussions with Word Records, so you may be hearing from them soon.  Seabird took the stage next and played everything they knew.  It looks like the venue was willing to give them a little more time, but they were out of songs!

So, Cornerstone is now over.  I’ll need a day or two to process it all and see if I can summarize everything up as far as what was my favorite show, what was my favorite new band, and what other superlatives I can think of.  It’s been a great week away from all the of worries of the world where my biggest issue was which band to see.  I’ll be heading back home tomorrow, but I’ll have a whole new group memories to take with me.