So, I’m home from the long drive back from Cornerstone and just starting to sort through my photos and CD’s from the week.  It’s been a great week and the organizers of the festival should be saluted for once again giving us a music and arts festival that just barely kisses the edge of chaos, but at the same time gives us the freedom to enjoy music in whatever manner we like.  Whether it’s moshing in a pit of crazy kids, sitting in our chairs in the back, taking photographs, journaling, or hanging out with our friends before they turn up the amps and crank it to 11 on a stage powered by a generator on the side of the road, I think everyone enjoyed Cornerstone in their own way.  Yet, through all of it, things go mostly on schedule and everyone stays safe and has a great time.

Looking back on the week, I wanted to give my list of favorite performances of the week.  I already KNOW Anberlin and Family Force 5 were two of the highlights of the week and yes, I’m a fool for missing them.  Unfortunately, they were both playing at the same time as friends of mine performing on other stages and friendship is a closer tie than rocking.  So, I know I missed some awesomeness at the festival, but at the same time I think my friends appreciated me showing up for their shows and letting them live the “rock star” dream for a day.

Here’s my Top 5, in no particular order of the shows I actually did see:

  • The Square Peg Alliance – 4 hours was a lot of time for them to fill, but fortunately each of these talented artists has a pretty extensive library of songs to draw from.  I love the comraderie and friendship these guys and gal have with each other and it shows on stage.
  • Copeland – They brought out the more rock side of their music and I appreciated that.  The band sounded great and the new stuff from their latest album mixed well with their classic material.  This was, to me, one of the best examples of a midnight show at Cornerstone.
  • All The Day Holiday – I really liked the material from their new album from the show and I can’t wait to hear it.  They were dedicated in promoting their shows during the week and a large crowd showed up in response.  They didn’t disappoint us.
  • Terry Taylor – Great, intimate show where Taylor reinterpreted some of his older 80’s material in an acoustic setting.  It was very cool to see his own son join him on stage on bass and watch the father/son interaction.
  • Nitengale – My friends raved about this show last year and I’m glad I got a chance to see them this year.  For the few of us not at the legendary The Devil Wears Prada show at the Gallery down the street, I think this show will hold fond memories.

Oh, why not, I’ll give you the next five favorite shows I that I saw too:

  • Deas Vail – Indie Community tent show with an excited buzzing crowd was great, but the one at the Indoor Stage may have been even better.
  • Jeff Elbel + Ping  – fun, loose set at the Jesus Village stage.
  • Lost Dogs – I’m loving the new route 66 material, I wish I could’ve stayed longer for this show.
  • Quiet Science – Fun new band with a lot of energy and they draw from great influences (U2, Death Cab for Cutie, The Cure)
  • Seabird – Fantastic way to end the festival with some intelligent piano-based rock music.

So, there you go, Cornerstone 2009 is over!  Thanks to everyone in the media trailer who worked so hard this week.  These folks essentially pulled all-nighters every day of the week to deliver videos, photos, and more to you almost immediately after things happened.  Take a chance to surf around the site and take it all in and send them an e-mail of thanks.

I’ve uploaded many photos to my Flickr site and I’ll be upload more in the next couple of days, check them out and leave some comments!

Sum up your Cornerstone, what were your favorite shows of the week?

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  • Kim

    #1 Flatfoot 56 (as always…love those lads!)
    #2 Beyond Ariose (newest favorite band)
    #3 Family Force 5 (diggin’ their new stuff)
    #4 Children 18:3 (wow…thanks for taking me, Josh!)
    #5 Poema (something about those sibling harmonies, I guess)