Mid Afternoon REIGNITE Day

The fantastic weather took a turn a little bit and the wind started coming in. I have been to many Cornerstones now and I’m used to brain-broiling heat, rain, mud, humidity and more, but I’ve never shivered cold in the middle of the day in July. There’s always a first isn’t there?

The windy weather didn’t slow things down on the generator stages, though. Scooby-Doo (or at least someone dressed up like him) made his debut at Cornerstone with the baind Audio Strobelight that played a high energy show that had people dancing in the street. A husband-wive duo called Carolina Story just returned from their honeymoon and traveled here to Cornerstone to play. Their acoustic music was a nice break from he audio assault coming from all the generator stages and they were charming and personal.

Many of the bands on REIGNITE day are here at Cornerstone for the first time. There’s a lot of new acts and on the upside, they bring a lot of new youth and energy. Many of these bands are still rough around the edges and will only improve as they tour and perform more. As I took a dinner break at the Gallery Stage, I was reminded just what a group of experienced musicans can do. Maron brought several JPUSA Cornerstone veterans on the stage and wowed me with soulful show that started with “We Are Finding Who We Are” by King’s X and kept up the quality throughout the show. I hadn’t even planned on seeing them, I just wanted a place to sit down and eat, but I’m glad I stopped by.

With the wind calming down and some food in my belly, I’m renewed for the evening and ready to go.