Now It Feels Like Cornerstone

Up until the early evening, I’ve felt like I’m at bizarro Cornerstone.  The weather has been cold and windy.  The crowd has been scattered across the festival at generator stages so everything felt sparse.  REIGINITE Day introduced me to a lot of bands I had never heard before (Stephen Petree was great with his “Telekeyster” and Down From Up brought shredding goodness with covers of Micheal Jackson and Gn’R’s “Sweet Child Of Mine”), but I hadn’t seen anyone I knew all day.  I had yet to experience that “hot, crowded tent” show until I walked over to the Indie Community Stage.  Deas Vail had the small place packed out and when I walked in and the crowd was buzzing, I finally felt like I was at Cornerstone.  The band did not fail to deliver with ethereal high-pitched vocals, keyboards, guitars, and a bass player who took pictures of the crowd as he played.

After the show was over, I strolled over to the Gallery Stage where Los Lonely Boys were playing before an overflowing crowd.  I didn’t feel like trying to wade in and try to find an open spot to sit, so I enjoyed just hanging out in the courtyard and listening to the music.  With all the people milling about and the music blasting, now it feels like Cornerstone is underway.