Richard Twiss: Jesus, A Tribal Man Becomes The Beauty Way, Session Five

This is the fifth part of Richard Twiss’s seminar track from Cornerstone 2009.

Please Note: Please Note: Cornerstone Festival was very pleased to have Richard Twiss share this excellent seminar track at Cornerstone 2009. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. However,
it does contain some occasional explicit language.


Creator came to earth as a human being from the Tribe of Judah to bring all of creation back into harmony with the Beauty Way; Jesus came as a black-eyed, black-haired, dark-skinned indigenous boy. As this seminar will show, First Nations Christ-followers are uniquely situated to enrich understanding of the Gospel and discussion about non-western paradigms of church life.

  • Mike

    Please Note: This seminar contains explicit language.

    This is just silly! This makes it seem like this seminar is filled with profanity. It is NOT. Over the 6 sessions he did say hell once…. maybee one other word somewhere. Is that so offecive that we need a warning message on a seminar that is so thought provoking and chalanging. just silly.

  • anonymous

    what is offensive is your constant misspelling of words!