Jason Peters: Faith & Works of Wendell Berry, Session One

This is the first part of Jason Peter’s seminar track from Cornerstone 2009.


One of America’s greatest social critics, essayists and poets, Wendell Berry is a man-of-letters, farmer, and modern-day prophet. More than ever, Berry offers a faithful witness against a standard of living neither practically sustainable nor morally defensible. This seminar explores the vision of simplicity that unifies Berry’s multi-faceted life and works, and the faith that drives it.

  • Tom

    Thanks very much for making this great presentation available. It made my day.

  • Brian

    “Education is a strip-mining operation… Education is not serving place, it’s serving economy.” This is an absolutely critical truth. Thanks for this; thanks for the entire, exceedingly useful presentation. I’m a school counselor. My wife and I parents of a nine-year old daughter. This movement away from abstraction is fundamental to my hope for better living on our small farm, our place.


  • Michael

    Thanks for a thoughtful way to start my day. It is enigmatic to me that there would have been no chance for me to hear this without my satellite connection to the Internet at my small and ‘isolated’ place in the north … what does Berry say to that I wonder? I’m sure though he has an answer!