Are you ready for 20ten?

Less than a week until Cornerstone Festival? Are you ready?

This will be festival #11 for me, so I know basically what to expect, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to go yet. Over the next few days, I’ll be packing & prepping for our 1000-mile trip from Texas to Illinois and a week filled with great music & great friends. Here are some things I need to remember (which might be good for you to think about, too):

  • Finish making my list of must-see bands. Thanks to the Cornerstone Schedule Creator, hearing about bands via twitter/facebook, and the collective wisdom of many friends, I’m starting to make my must-see list. I’m already seeing several conflicts, which is just part of what makes Cornerstone fun — too many good choices! The actual program can be previewed online, to help all of us decide what to see.
  • Preview the seminars. Every year, I confess I don’t make it to as many seminars as I should. So, again this year, I’m going to preview more seminars/speakers and pick a few to attend.
  • Research what new albums I can pick up easily at the fest. And, I wonder, can I buy yet another Seabird shirt? I only own three of them… 😉
  • Pack jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Any Cornerstone veteran knows not to trust the long-range forecast (this is the midwest afterall), but it still seems like there might be some colder nights this year. (a nice break from the heat here in Texas, I think)
  • Make a quick run to the store for my Cornerstone survival pack:
    • A small bottle of hand-sanitizer (for the porta-potties).
    • Earplugs. No, if it’s too loud, that does not mean you’re too old. 🙂 I know I’ll go down-front for a few shows, and I’d like to save my hearing so I can keep enjoying music for decades to come.
  • Remember to pack our tickets! There’s still time to purchase tickets online, and there will be tickets available at the gate.

See you next week outside Bushnell!