Introduce Yourself!

I’m taking a lunch break here at my actual job at Georgia Tech, and starting to really think about Cornerstone, so I figured I’d go ahead and get started with the blogging. The fest is one of my most anticipated weeks of the year, and now that work is (kind of) starting to wind down in advance of my vacation, I’m ready to get on the road.  This is my lucky 13th Cornerstone in a row, so I’ve got the packing and planning down to a science at this point. (And let me say that the rise of the iPod has made life a lot easier – no more agonizing over which 60 CDs to pack up and bring – I’ve got a couple weeks’ worth of music in my pocket!)

I’m almost ready to finalize and print the DIY fest program that my friends and I make every year to help us find new bands (and make sure we don’t miss old faves, though there are always some disappointing conflicts).  I’m making plans with the guys that are riding with me about when we’re leaving and where we’re eating.  I’m starting to think about what extra stuff I want to load onto my iPod for the 13 hour drive, and what kinds of playlists I need to make. I’ve printed out a bunch of fliers for my friend Jeff’s band to hang up around the fest (so if you see a guy with long hair taping up Jeff Elbel + Ping fliers, come say hi!).  So yeah, other than actually packing up the car and hitting the road, I’m about ready to go.

Just a few more days – I can’t wait to see all of you on a farm in Illinois!