Making posters this weekend?

This is a theme I blogged about last year, but since this weekend ought to be prime-time for a lot of bands to be making flyers to post about their shows at Cornerstone, I thought it was worth revisiting. ~Becky

2009 photo for from Thomas Wray

So you’re in a band. You found your way onto a generator stage. You’re excited to play Cornerstone. You’ve checked your gear, got the van ready, you know your songs… now to just have people show up… and not just anybody, but people who might like the style of music you play.

If you’re in a band playing Cornerstone, you want people to come to your show. As a fest-goer, I want to find the bands that will become favorites. I don’t want to hear about an awesome show only after-the-fact.

I do a lot of research to find bands I want to see, but sometimes, I don’t hear of a band until I see their posters covering porta-potties (or any other flat, or even semi-flat surface) around the festival grounds. Along those lines, I present these tips to bands making posters to hang at Cornerstone:

  • List your band name clearly. Yes, I’ve seen some signs that focused on other band names… not very helpful. (Sure, a “for fans of” section is great, but make that smaller than your own band name.)
  • Tell the DAY of the week, not the actual date, since I am on vacation and don’t remember what the date is. haha.
  • Give clues to what kind of music you’re playing. If you don’t tell me, I will have to guess, and most likely I will guess wrong.
  • Remember that not everybody has heard of your band already. Maybe everybody in your hometown has heard of you, but I’m not from your hometown (unless you’re from Austin, TX – in which case I’d love to meet you!)
  • List where you’re playing. If it is something like the “Elitist Music Showcase,” tell me where I can find that.
  • If you don’t know the details of when you’re playing yet, leave blank space and bring sharpies to write in the info.
  • Get creative. Wear a funny costume. Carry a sign. Put your band-name and set times on your tent. Get a friend to write your band name and set time on his tshirt. Write on your van windows. Be funny. Get my attention.
  • Don’t forget to pack the tape to hang the signs! And.. tape is also a crucial ingredient if you’re going to make a cardboard dragon costume like this.

If you’re in a band playing Cornerstone, I hope it’s an amazing experience for you! I’m looking forward to finding tons of new bands next week.