My favorite things about Cornerstone…

Hi, my name is Tim and I am very excited to be one of the blog team for this year’s festival. It’s year 6 for me; I can’t believe in only 2 days I will make the trek from Arkansas to Illinois. There are many reasons to love Cornerstone, so I wanted to take the time to list a few of the things that make it special for me.

1. Discovering a new band you have never heard before. Two of my favorite bands, All the Day Holiday and The Rocketboys, were both bands I discovered at Cornerstone. I can’t wait to see All the Day Holiday this year on main stage. Have a schedule in mind of bands you know you want to see, but make room in that schedule for the unexpected. Both of these bands were discovered by accident and now I listen to them all the time.

2. Asking the tough questions. Cornerstone is one of the only Christian events I have been to where asking of tough questions is encouraged. You may not get an answer, but at least you will discover you are not alone on the journey to find one. My denomination has been experiencing some discord over a hot button issue, and last year at one of the seminars I was able to enter into dialogue with people who had found the same thing happening in their churches. Speak up and ask your questions, you may not get that chance anywhere else.

3. Random meeting of new friends on the food court. Can’t find a seat at a picnic table? Walk up to a table and ask to sit down with strangers. Some of my most memorable conversations have occurred this way.

4. Giant Freezies. I have to have at least one a day, usually more. Give the Rotary Club your support and cool off with one of their freezies. You will be back for more.

5. Films. This year’s film program is scaled back some, but it looks to be a good one. Take a break from the music, and take in a movie and some intellectual discussion afterwards. Music is just one artform in which we can express our beliefs and doubts. Movies can do that in a different way and help us see the struggles that humans face.

What will you add to this list after this year’s festival?