Yesterday, I had the privilege of leading worship and devos for my camp. We enjoyed the day, getting into the groove of C-Stone living. I sat around a poetry circle and shared my thoughts on where my life was headed.  I discussed trusting and not trusting God while walking laps around the food court. It sounds weird, but sometimes I swear it’s easier to breathe here, regardless of the dust and occasional b.o.

Today is Monday. Paint on my hands, dirt on my feet, and sweat just about everywhere. I need a shower, but I hear that the hot water isn’t working yet, so I’m skipping out. Main stage is going up just outside our trailer.  Within the next 24 hours, bands will be playing.  Im anticipating this so much.

Well, its time to log out, brave the heat, and start finding more stories to bring back to you all.

See you soon!


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