The Worship Aspect

When you walk onto the Cornerstone grounds a day or two early you begin to hear much of the same music. I am not talking down about it; I think it is great to see so many bands playing back to back. With that many bands and what seems to be about 70% all sounding the same on the generator stages it is great to see a tent like “Sanctuary” or “HM” doing worship and doing it well. Last night I saw many people that may not be familiar with the ministry of the tent just walk in and begin to worship because it sounds good and it is a refreshing sound from bands that scream and growl everything.
This reminds me when I attended Cornerstone back in the early to mid 90’s with a press pass. One of my favorite questions to ask artists in the press tent was “what is your favorite style of music?” This question was usually answered with one simple word…..worship. I love all styles of music here at Cornerstone from bands like “Iona” to “Becoming the Archetype.” One could and does sit through hours upon hours of music like this but when you hit a great set of worship….it is truly a breath of fresh air to simply remind us why we are here…because we serve a great God and everything here should be used for HIS glory.
What is the group you have or will enjoy the most at Cornerstone 2010?

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