The highlight of the week for me so far has been seeing The Scoffer.  Two brothers who appear to be nothing extraordinary have been playing on the side of the road here at the fest for years, and now, they’re on  a real stage. Its like that with a lot of bands that “grow up” here at the fest. You see them for years, you support them, you cheer for them, and then they make it. You beam with pride and you feel excited for them even though you’re not even on stage with them.

As an acoustic musician, you’re definitely at a disadvantage.  You don’t have the sheer power that comes with massive stacks and a ka-jillion piece drum kit.  But Scoffer has something that those bands are often lacking. The words of every song stems from some story or some desire that these two have had. Austin and Logan have faced their own share of struggles with depression and fighting with God,  but through that, they’ve got something real to share with people.

If you weren’t there, you, my friend, missed out on something truly beautiful.


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