Feel the flex

Ah, the first full day of the festival.  Feels like home.

If you come to Cornerstone a few times, you quickly realize how important it is to be flexible.  The generator stage schedules are usually in flux, bands show up late, and all the rest.  The one thing you can be confident of is that everything won’t go the way you envisioned it when you first read the program.

And that’s OK.  Part of the genius of Cornerstone is that there is so much going on, that you’re always stumbling across something you didn’t plan on but that grabs your attention.  Half the time, it’s something that you never even heard of before the band took the stage.  And all of a sudden, you’ve found a band that’s going to be the soundtrack of your summer.

I missed a couple of bands I wanted to see today. But I stumbled into a Men As Trees Walking set.  Their blend of reggae-infused worship was the perfect fit for my afternoon.    I was glad I found it.  And I listened to Switchfoot’s soundcheck while I ate dinner.  Nice.

Who knows what I’ll see next.