“Cornerstone or bust,” he said …

I have arrived, and to prove it, I’m here!  … and I’m definitely not first. Looks like a good crowd, and plenty of dust getting kicked up already.   I’m looking forward to a great week, and maybe I’ll avoid a sunburn.

If anyone wants to be my absolute hero, find me and let me borrow your “bilingual Firewire” cable. It goes from Firewire 400 to Firewire 800.  It’s the one critical piece of gear that I left behind, and it’ll keep me from multi-track recording Ping, and more importantly, THE CHOIR.

You can find me almost anytime or leave a message backstage at Gallery.

I get to play bass with Maron tonight on the Jesus Village stage, which I’m really looking forward to.  I predict some bleed from the Switchfoot set, so maybe we can learn a couple of their songs and play along with them.

Ping’s set at the new Gallery Stage location is tomorrow at 4:15.  The band is sounding good, and we whipped up a brand new track on Monday (yesterday) that we’re going to play tomorrow. The song is called “Lucky.”  Very vibey.  Probably the closest thing to Choir style we’ve done since some of us were in Farewell to Juliet back in the dark ages.

Excited to be back here with everyone!