better than my birthday

The Maron set went well on the Jesus Village stage, although I do wish we’d have learned to play a couple of Switchfoot songs so we could have played along with them while they were on Main Stage.  My wife and daughters were at the Switchfoot set before Maron got going, and I caught a few glimpses by going out to the road and checking the jumbotron.

Saw just a bit of Leper at Chelsea Cafe.  Seemed pretty evocative, and well appreciated by the goth crowd.

Gallery gets humming tomorrow at 1pm, and I’ll be there at noon to help get the day rolling, behind the scenes. Michael Roe’s up first during a whole afternoon that seems custom built just for me.  Roe, then Terry Taylor from DA, followed by Roe again with Derri from the Choir, and then I get to play a set myself.  What could be better?  Maybe capping off the evening with Iona.  Tomorrow seems like it’s going to be better than my birthday.

Better get some sleep!