Cornerstone Purchases

Back home in Nebraska for less than an hour, I’m already keeping my internet connection busy (yay for high speed access)! With my wife getting cleaned up, I’m passing time waiting for the shower by downloading soon to be new favorites from Amazon and iTunes.

Among the CDs I picked up at the fest were albums by Future of Forestry and Seabird. Now downloading are works by Paper Route, Campbell the Band, and Quiet Science.

What did you pick up at the fest (or will you be downloading in the coming days)?

  • Toby Mac for my 6 yr old. He loved the show, and that was fun to see.

    Possible downloads…
    Wayside’s “Spiritual Songs” (possibly for church?)
    Seabird (cool live set)
    Mike’s Pawn Shop (live they were interesting, but haven’t heard recordings yets)
    Supertones (a camper nearby blasted their music, and I remembered how great they were)


  • We came back with more CDs but fewer shirts than in most past years. CDs include:
    –2 Iona discs
    –the new album from The Choir
    –3 Future of Forestry EPs
    –Glorious Unseen
    –Oh! The Humanity!
    –Quiet Science
    –Deas Vail
    –Campbell, the band