The Hippies…They Are a Dancing!

Last night proved something to me that I already knew….hippies, head-bangers, Goths, etc. cannot resist the sounds of growing up. When Toby Mac hit the stage last night I will admit I was thinking what many were saying, “Toby Mac? Cornerstone? Really?” You could hear people jokingly say how much they don’t care for his music. Some where I was sitting would even leave and then come back. This concert by far was the largest production on the main stage so far. From dancers to full band Toby Mac was in full effect.
I have come to the conclusion as a person that grew up listening to DC Talk that Toby Mac is today’s Carman. It should come as no surprise because when Carman was at the top of his game it was Toby Mac and DC Talk that were touring with him.
This is why I say he is today’s Carman. If you grow up with a certain artist that you listened to and years later get to hear him again, though your music likes have changed….sometimes you cannot beat listening to music that you can sing along with word for word.
On my way to see Iona last night I saw a sight that confirmed this. My wife and I were walking and I turned to her and pointed, I said…”The hippies, they are a dancing!” It was a great sight to see people with dread locks and sundresses dancing hip hop to the tunes of Toby Mac. Cornerstone once again knows what it is doing by bringing in the likes of Toby Mac. It is a place for everyone!

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