Imaginarium Film Series…

It was last year that I discovered the intellectual (and geeky) fun of The Imaginarium. The Imaginarium is one of the seminar tents but one that is a little different from the others. Imaginarium programs explore how life and faith intersect with pop culture. This year it is examining the politics of racial tension. There is a heavy focus on middle eastern culture, very timely discussion considering what is going on in the world. My favorite aspect of The Imaginarium is the film series.

Planet of the Apes is a film that was made in the 1960s and starred Charlton Heston as Spaceman Taylor. Taylor and his crew crash onto a strange planet where they are taken prisoner by a race of apes. The apes have built an entire society full of class distinctions and prejudices as they have evolved from the lower race of humans.

The movie is actually a commentary on race politics, science vs. faith, and class distinctions. What happens when one race considers another inferior? The movie is a chilling look at our own society’s prejudices.

The discussion that followed the film led us into some interesting places. For instance, the lighter colored apes in the film are the ruling class, while the lower working class are much darker, something I didn’t pick up while watching.

I haven’t fully wrapped my head around everything we discussed in this movie and hope to process more of it later, maybe while watching part 2 tomorrow, Conquest of Planet of the Apes.