Cornerstone: the next generation

A fine father-daughter moment: Ping's youngest member

I admit that I’m a bit of a people-watcher around the Cornerstone grounds. I love observing things like crazy costumes, creative campsites or the latest fashion trends.

One thing in particular I enjoy is watching families around the festival grounds. I like seeing little children wearing earplugs and headphones. I like seeing children with faces painted after hanging out at Creation Station. I like seeing toddlers decked in tiny black band shirts crashed out, sound asleep in a wagon, while their parents watch a hardcore show. I like seeing kids spinning around and dancing to music clearly not written for them. I’ve seen all of those moments today.

Yes, Cornerstone is not the picture of a typical family vacation, loading up in the family truckster and heading to Wally World. But, judging from the smiles on children’s faces around the fest, I think it’s not a bad way to pass some love for music, and yes, even love for Jesus, to a new generation.


  • Megan Elbel

    ….COOL!          How old is that picture? I’m in it and I haven’t seen it in forever!