Real stories. Real music. Real God.

Before I ever came to Cornerstone, I was rather star-struck. I waited in lines to get autographs. Every band was “the greatest ever.”

I think that’s a common phenomenon, and I don’t criticize it. I had *finally* found music I liked that reflected my faith.

But, perhaps in part due to watching band members eat a ribeye sammich for so many years around Cornerstone, things are different for me now. (Or really, it’s probably more that I’ve actually befriended people who used to be in bands… and their spouses, left at home while the band is touring.). And, maybe, just maybe, I’ve changed a bit myself.

These days, I’m more interested in seeing how people in bands are real people, just like me.¬†They have bad days, stressed relationships, and ask real questions.

Whatever your festival looks like… whether you hang out at the Gallery with immensely talented songwriters who share deeply personal lyrics in their songs, attend talks put on by your favorite bands, or wander up and down generator stage row, I challenge you to look for the very real person behind the music. You’ll find many real stories… real music… and a very real God.

I had a few such moments on Wednesday:

  • Listening to Nitengale. I sat back and listened to someone telling stories that sound like my own. Stories of faith mingling with doubt. Stories of love. Stories of blame. He even talked about finding critters in his walls (oh, how I wish we didn’t have that in common…).
  • Watching Quiet Science. It was a rough show, with the lead singer’s guitar dying half way through. But, even through some musical hiccups, I heard a story of a real guy (the lead singer works in a psych ward with patients who have attempted suicide), who sees real ways that his faith, his art, and his passions intersect.

Look for these moments, and I think you’ll find them, too.