Wednesday at Cornerstone

If you’re looking for diversity (or as TobyMac calls it “diverse city”), look no further than Main Stage at Cornerstone on Wednesday night.

From the quirky indie-rock of mewithoutyou to the aggressive alternarock of Red, and finally the hip-hop, pop, funk machine that is TobyMac and his band, Cornerstone had a littleĀ  bit of everything Wednesday night.

The much-discussed main stage move is showing some benefits. For one, the ccentral location makes it easier to get to. I think more people are stopping and checking out the main stage shows that they would’ve otherwise missed completely.

And having the stage right in the middle of the grounds makes it the focal point of the physical environment. You can see the main stage from much of the outlying area. It was always cool for me to come up over the hill and see the stage. But for the rest of the day, main stage was out of sight and out of mind. Now it’s always lurking.

If you’re not here, there’s still time for some great shows — Skillet, The Devil Wears Prada, The Almost, David Crowder Band, and a ton more.