Irish Day, then Canada Day, then USA day …

Iona and the Choir are the big draws for me as a fan this year. It’s a little bit weird to say that about Iona, since I never bought any of their CDs before last night … But I”ve  had one of their songs stuck in my head for the 14 years it’s been since the last time I saw them at Cornerstone.  That song is “Irish Day,” and after a gorgeous set full of pipes and reels and prog rock riffing, the band gave me another treat by playing “Irish Day” in the encore.  I loved it.

Today is Canada  Day, and we started Gallery with native Beth Holtby on Gallery.  Very nice.

Now, counting down the days to USA day … two more days, and then the 4th of July. In the meantime, I’m counting down hours and minutes until the Choir’s set tonight!

By the way, I got my recording rig working. If anyone needs to set up a Mac with two MOTU devices, I can give you the tutorial.  Just be sure you’ve got all your cables and drivers ready.

p.s. Thanks to anyone who came to saw Ping yesterday.  That was such an excellent time.  Absolutely loved it.