Thursday – Feeling the Cornerstone burn

The second or third day is when the “Cornerstone Burn’ kicks in. You aren’t used to this kind of sleeping schedule. You aren’t used to this kind of noise all day. You aren’t used to walking this much. This is when you start to wear down. Keep on going! We’ll all settle into “Cornerstone time” soon enough.

I started out the day with some newer bands at the festival. The Clutter played first today for me with some instrumental songs mixed with some rock music. Over on the Label Showcase stage, News From Verona and Don’t Wake Aislin got a great reaction from the kids. News From Verona leaned towards the power-pop side while Don’t Wake Aislin delivered powerful driving rock with female-led vocals.

Continuing the theme of women bringing great music, Brooke Waggoner, joined by harpist Timbre, played a fantastic set at the Gallery stage. From there, I finished the afternoon with a very loose and very fun second set by Jeff Elbel and Ping, consisting mostly of covers.

I’m dragging a little bit, but I need to get a second wind, because The Choir plays at midnight tonight. I’m pushing through the “Cornerstone Burn” because the best stuff is yet to come.


  • I wish I could be there for The Choir set… must be great to hear them back together after five years!