A little bit of everything

I’m starting to lose track of what day it is. To me, this means Cornerstone is a success. After staying up to have my first taste of celtic prog legends Iona last night, and getting back to Macomb in the wee hours of the morning, I’m happy to say that I haven’t yet fallen asleep during a show today. That’s likely because today has truly been filled with a little bit of everything.

I’ve heard snippets of ska (Send out Scuds), singer-songwriter acoustic (Brooke Waggoner), hardcore, electronic pop-punk (Oh! The Humanity), some old-school punk, hip-hop (Da MAC), rap (John Reuben), various flavors of rock & roll (ranging from Jeff Elbel + Ping doing a bunch of fun covers, to The Clutter and Don’t Wake Aislin), pop-punk (News from Verona), old school 80s rock (Crosswire), and even a bit of post-rock instrumental (Brian Beyke).

There have been good crowds at all those shows, proving that whatever your Cornerstone experience, there’s somebody else here who’s having just as much fun, but hasn’t seen any of the same shows as you.

And… the day goes on. A little bit more of everything to come this evening.