so it goes

the Choir is my favorite band, and i feel really lucky that I got to see them play again … 21 years after the first time I saw them on their tour for Wide Eyed Wonder. I missed everything before that, and wished I had seen them during the time supporting Chase the Kangaroo, but I made up for lost time. I’ve seen a LOT of Choir shows, and I was beyond eager to see one more.  which i did, tonight. and i’m glad i did. but by the band’s own admission, it was a rough gig, noticeably underrehearsed.

nonetheless, the sound the band makes is unmistakeable, and i still find it to be a beautiful thing. i hope they come back again before long (not another 5 year gap, please) and maybe work in another rehearsal or two ahead of time.  i love the fact that they’re playing new material, and that the new material is so good.  i’ve heard “Burning Like the Midnight Sun” once now, and it sounds like the work of people with a rare gift.