What a Run

As I am writing this blog I am looking at the beautiful view from my screen tent looking down the road at the lake here on the Cornerstone grounds. Looking around and reflecting back on the week, I cannot help but to say “Thank you God for letting me be here and using me in new ways.”
The events that transpired at the Sanctuary tent were great. Every day there was a great line-up of bands that loved Jesus. The Bombworks record day was definitely a highlight. That evening wrapped up with Rex Carroll (lead axeman of Whitecross) playing. When he began to play Nagasaki…IT WAS AWESOME!
For me personally to sit in the trailer and talk to band members, give some counsel and just minister to people was an experience I will never forget. I will admit that the Sanctuary tent was not the same without Pastor Bob Beeman or Jim LaVerde in attendance but God still did some awesome things at this tent.
I hope you plan on being a part of this great ministry again next year when Pastor Bob and Jim LaVerde will be back. Sanctuary is a ministry that has blessed me since I was a teenager and still does to this day. You can visit Sanctuary online at www.sanctuaryinternational.com or visit my ministry online as well www.thatsnotmygod.com.
Have a safe trip home!

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