Dignan stoled my cookies

I don’t know that I really need to say anything beyond the title of this blog post.  I left my 100% natural, whole grain Sunrise Energy Bars with Omega-3 at my little tuning station behind the Gallery Stage today.  I left briefly to do some techy things under the front-of-house mixing console, and then went to the Exhibition tent to settle up for the Ping shows. When I came back, Dignan was onstage. My cookie container had been relocated to a table, and about 1/2 of the cookies had been consumed. I noted that the Dignan folks were rocking with much energy, and seemed to faintly glow in the light of the setting sun (comparable to sunrise). They seemed to be very satisfied, so I must sadly conclude that they stole(d) my cookies, and now I cannot hog an entire box of them all by myself.

p.s. Dignan was rad and had a big Gallery crowd going bananas. Much love to them.