51 weeks to go

Safe travel to everyone still on the road (or soon to be) following Cornerstone 20ten. What a beautiful week we had, full of musical and other highlights. I had a fantastic week and will look forward to doing it again.  I’ll bring more cookies for sharing.

My favorite sets:

Iona, Over the Rhine, Shel, Timbre, the Choir, Lost Dogs. I was working at Gallery while Photoside Cafe were on Main Stage, but I heard they knocked it out. Way to go, guys!

It was a joy and privilege to play with my friends in the Maron band and Ping. Thanks to so many friends for sharing the moment(s) with us.

  • Thank you for the mention of SHEL. These are my daughters – all 4 of them – and my husband who have played together for about 8 years. We got this gig because someone had cancelled and what a wonderful place it was for us to be on June 30!! We are from Colorado and have played Heavenfest outside Denver for 2 years. Love the feel, love the LOVE of a Christian festival. It is a true slice of HEAVEN on earth. No other festivals can compete with that. What a blessing!

    In my letter home from Chicago, I mentioned that finding Cornerstone was like looking for Rivendell. Seriously – we’re used to mountains for landmarks so we know NSEW easily. Out in the fields it was much more difficult and SO glad we had navigation!

    Wish we could have stayed longer but we were so happy to see Switchfoot on June 29!! We have been huge fans of them for years! They didn’t disappoint. You had an amazing lineup!

    SHEL will be at Soulfest in August for 2 shows. We are driving there via Nashville but will need to come back on I-80. If anyone has ideas for churches or venues we can play for donations – we would welcome them. You can email me – the mom – lynn@intoonmusic.com. Hoping that isn’t too much shameless promo – would just love to connect with some new fans and play some music for them!

    SHEL loves Cornerstone. What a blessing. Happy to have been at C-stone, 2010. Lynn