Day 2 Is Under Way!

It’s Thursday and I’m finally starting to settle into “Cornerstone time” where staying up to 2 AM and sleeping in until 10 AM doesn’t seem all that unusual.  Everyone at the festival seems to be settling in.  It’s not quite as frantic around the grounds and more established bands are taking the stages.  We’re now in the thick of it.

Today I start the day out over on the Indoor Stage.  The lead singer of Army of Me starts the day off with a show on acoustic guitar.  Normally he plays with a full band, but for Cornerstone he travelled alone from DC to the festival in his small car.  His show was good enough that I will have to check out their music and see what they sound like as a band.  From there, I walked over to the Gallery Stage to see Mike Roe.  Roe plays a set of new songs from his upcoming solo album as well as some 77’s songs from their most recent album.  The audience gave Roe standing ovations when he started and when he ended appreciating his status as a long-standing veteran of the festival.

I saw my second set of Deas Vail which delivered a whole different set of songs.  Their energy is infectous and a crowded  tent  at the Indoor Stage was into the show.  I love seeing shows like this that are fun and joyous.  Finally, I wrapped up the afternoon with Andrew Oliver and Jeff Elbel+Ping at the Jesus Village tent.  Andrew Oliver is Elbel’s drummer and played a solo set of his own before sitting behind the kit and playing another show for Elbel.  Jeff’s show was loose with lots of covers (“No Matter What” by Badfinger, “North and South Of The River” by U2) but probably the most fun show I’ve seen him do so far.

I take a flier on a band called The Rocketboys on the Indie Community Stage.  The lead singer hurled ten times(!) into the port-a-potties the day before, but he was a professional and sang fantastic for the show.  I really enjoyed their show and I’ll have to check out their CD.  This is the fun part of Cornerstone, discovering new bands.  There’s still more stuff to discover tonight before Mark Solomon returns to the festival to wrap things up first tonight with Stavesacre and then tomorrow night with a renunion of The Crucified.

  • jim riley

    Dude… I freaking love The Rocketboys! I saw all three sets they played this year, and if you missed them, then I feel sorry for you! They really blew me away! I can’t wait till their debut full length “20,000 Ghosts” comes out in Sept. Their tour ep has 3 songs from the full length on it, and even though they are unmastered tracks, I can already tell the album is going to be remarkable!