Buck Buck


I’ll be posting my own summary and concluding thoughts about the festival soon, but first I wanted to let things ruminate a little bit and think about the festival as a whole before posting anything yet.

So, I’ll share some fun from the last day of the festival.

Cornerstone Festival has some “official” sports competitions (soccer, volleyball, basketball) on the grounds but sometimes the most fun ones are the spontaneous ones that spring up from the ground. This particular sport that seems to happen every year cracks me up. The game is called “Buck Buck” and if you’ve ever heard the Bill Cosby sketch about Fat Albert, then you know the rules. Essentially one team of kids lines up and the other team of kids jumps on top of the first team until they collapse. There are more nuances to the rules than that, but that’s the gist of it. I don’t know how much fun it would be to have all those people jumping on you, but from an observer’s standpoint, it’s pretty funny to watch. I love taking photos of kids flying through the air.

I’ve included one photo from my collection at the top of this post, but there’s more on my photostream on Flickr.

Have you ever played Buck Buck? Did you play this year? Ever gotten hurt playing Buck Buck? Seems like something that would leave some bruises!


  • Greg

    Buck Buck is awesome! It cracked me up the first time I saw them playing it (early 90s, possibly as early as 1992) because I knew EXACTLY where it came from. I played a few times, took a knee to the back of my head and decided that was the last time I would play. Observing is equally as fun!!!