Take Me Back

Its July 15th.  I’ve been away from Cornerstone for nine days, and I’m still completely homesick. Yes, the wonders of flushing toilets, showers, and paved roads just dont seem to delight me. I came home from the fest and was practically escorted to the nearest shower so I could start chipping away at the multiple layers of dirt, sweat, dust, and even other people’s sweat.  But I still rebel even now.  One of my best friends at the fest gave me a single dreadlock that I simply can’t wash.  Knowing that there’s still some Cornerstone dirt in there keeps me a little more sane.

Through various social medias, the overall question is: “How does one recover after a week at the fest?” For some, its as simple as a shower and a few extra hours of sleep.  But for people like me, the ones that are the lifeblood of Cornerstone, its much more difficult.  Cornerstone has become a home to many “social rejects” like myself, and it’s just not as easy as washing all the dirt from our clothes.

Some Facebook statuses and comments Ive seen are as follow:

Cornerstone relapse….when cleaning your shoes avoid breathing any dust that may come off lest you aquire a severe case of C-stone Homesickness..

Who knew some of the worst smells could bring such joy and memories?

It’s like heroine, you get hooked the first time, but after every time after that you only get more addicted; with one exception: it gets better with every time.

I was listening to Flatfoot 56, my favorite of Cornerstone bands, and the faces of all my new friends flew through my mind. Ducky, the punk from Nashville; Justin and Luke, the brothers from Indiana; Youngest… We’re all different people, but these along with a few more familiar faces became my family.  I laughed with them, I cried with them, I let them laugh at how much of an idiot I am. But through it all, there is still that overall sense of family.

And family isn’t something you can just leave behind. So what is the cure for a bad case of Cornerstone homesickness?

Another trip back home next year. Only 345 days left.


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Bio? Bio! This is my 16th year at the fest, and aside from Jesus, it's my favorite thing in the world. Considering it's all about Jesus, I'm stoked. I'll be tweeting a lot through the fest, so you can find me at http://www.twitter.com/minorpunk56