J. Robert Parks: Marshall McLuhan & New Media, Session Two

This is the second part of J. Robert Parks’ seminar track from Cornerstone 2010.


Facebook.  Twitter.  Second Life.  Such “new media” can hardly seem “new” when the landscape changes week to week.  But it seems worth trying to get a sense of the landscape of how digital media is transforming our lives — for good and ill.  We’ll rely on the guidance of that godfather of media studies, Marshall McLuhan — the groundbreaking theorist of “hot” and “cold” media (and Catholic believer, who converted after reading G. K. Chesterton). We’ll examine several of McLuhan’s theories and apply them to social networking, websites, blogs, cell phones, texting, etc in hopes of continuing the quest to understand media.

  • I rescued from cassette this talk that Marshall McLuhan gave at Johns Hopkins University in the mid 1970s. I have not found an audio file of this talk anywhere online. So far as I know it’s an original contribution to the archive of McLuhan audio. Enjoy. Rare McLuhan Audio

  • Dave Lauriat

    If you haven’t heard anything by JRP you’re in for a treat! Download and listen!