First in Line!

Kristin and Ethan Tobias

Meet Kristin and Ethan Tobias, the first ones in line for Cornerstone 2011!

Kristin and Ethan arrived around 4:40 in the morning on Monday, after heavy storms hit the Bushnell area Late Sunday.

Winds were reported 50 miles an hour or more, and there was some flooding in this part of Illinois. The tents were rocking, but they all survived the storms.

Ethan and Kristin made it to the grounds just after the final round of storms.

By Monday afternoon, cars were backed up at the front gate. Ethan says they hung out and made new friends waiting in line. (And for the record, the Tobiases weren’t first, there were two vans in front of them, but they were bands and got it early).

The front gate opened at noon Tuesday, and people began to pour in. If you’re not here yet, there’s still time!

Kirstin says this is probably her fifth festival, and this is Ethan’s second.

Ethan’s looking forward to seeing In the Midst of Lions, while Kristin really wants to see what Rodent Emporium has lined up this year.