I figured it would be to typical of me to write about the AMAZING Flatfoot 56 show last night, so I’m not going to.

Coleman camping gear once released a commercial calling the camp site the “original social networking site.” The same is true of the camping here at Cornerstone Festival.

Cornerstone gives people an amazing opportunity to meet like-minded people in their fields, whether it be art, politics, music, sci-fi, etc. As a newbie photographer, I was very excited to spend some time following around my favorite fest photographer. Watching her shoot and asking her questions gave me a lot of insight into ways to further myself as an artist.

After shooting, I spent some time at her camp with another photographer talking about different post-processing methods and dark room photo manipulation. We discussed topics that affect us as Christian photographers; questions I’d been asking and wresting with for months were finally being talked through with like-minded people.

I spent some time walking around holding a sign asking people if I could photograph their tattoos. Most times, they were more than willing to share the stories behind their ink. For many of them, I found ways that my life and interests connected to their ink, even though I don’t have any “real” tattoos.

A friend of mine and I were talking about how we wished the real world was as friendly as people at Cornerstone. If you get out of your comfort zone and talk to someone, chances are great that you’ll make a new friend and your Cornerstone experience will be truly enriched.


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