Friday brought me back to the fests of my childhood with the return of high-temp days at Cornerstone. The past few years haven’t been as hot as a stereotypical week at the fest, but Friday kept us hiding in the shade and nursing our water bottles. Even I, an advocate of long pants and dark t shirts, could be seen in shorts and a white tank top.

By mid-afternoon, I’d come to terms with the heat and sweat and took to the roads to capture one of the beautiful sights of Cornerstone: Tattoos. The artwork and skill of the ink around the fest varies from the raw, diy stick and poke tattoos

to the professional and colorful.


But even better than the tattoo itself is the story that inspires it and makes it worth permanently inking onto someone’s body. As I snapped shots of people’s ink, I asked them, “What does your tattoo mean?”  

The man with this piece told me about how he is now a single parent, and his tattoo reminds him that it’s never too late to step up and be a good father. I respected that man’s drive and desire to improve himself  as a parent.

So far, though, I think this may be my favorite.

As I walked through the merch tent, I stopped by the My Broken Palace table( and talked to the people there. The young lady saw my sign inquiring about tattoos and showed me hers. She told me about how she used to cut herself, but how she now wanted to use her scars to show the grace she had found in the love of God.  Seeing as I have a similar story and desire for a similar tattoo, I really loved the opportunity to talk to her.

Here at the fest,  when you see someone with a tattoo that piques your curiosity, take the time to ask. You may learn something new, make a new friend, and it might teach you something more about yourself.


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