Day 3 Afternoon

The heat is easing off a little bit here at the Cornerstone Festival grounds, but the damage has already been done. I’ve been much slower and lethargic today so I’ve been less inclined to jump from tent to tent as much as the days before. Today I’ve been hanging out at the Gallery Stage and seeing a whole lot of artists that I didn’t know about before today.

I had heard of Timbre, but I didn’t realize just how popular she was here at the festival. She brought a cavalcade of musicians on stage with her with a string section and lots of intricate music. River James played afterwards. The band is conglomeration of members of MAE and Army of Me and I really enjoyed their show. I had never heard of Lauren Mann and she was another pleasant suprise in the early part of the day. Her Sara Bareilles-inspired music included banjos, melodica, and keyboards.

Lots of great stuff to come tonight, but the surprises early in the day got things off to a pretty good start.