Day 3 – Evening

With the weather starting to return to “normal”, every one is still moving a step slower, but things are starting to return to speed. A friend of mine plays guitar with Songs of Water, so I started the evening off at the Gallery Stage. This is their first appearance at Cornerstone Festival and they brought plenty of instruments and an intricate sound with violins, drums-a-plenty, and guitars. I had to run from there to catch The Rendition. Sometimes I wonder if anyone reads these blogs, but when the singer for the Rendition messaged me about my review of their show last year. Since I had been called out, I had no choice but to see them again this year. I’m a big fan of piano-driven bands and I enjoyed the complicated process of playing guitar and the bass drum at the same time so their show was a lot of fun for me.

For the evening, Anberlin delivered a rocking set of powerful music with a setlist that evenly covered all of their albums. I don’t usually go down front much anymore to rock out with the kids, but I couldn’t resist. The band brought extra drums on stage for some of their songs for driving versions of songs from their new album, Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place. Lead singer Stephen Christian’s solo project, Anchor and Braille, was moved to Saturday evening at midnight and I missed the show, so I’d be interested in hearing out it turned out. If you were there, leave a comment!

Today is the final day of Cornerstone. I’m looking forward to some of the bands on Main Stage in the evening that will close down the festival with a tone of worship and a little bit of reverence. As Cornerstone winds down, maybe it will all leave us in the right frame of mind for re-entering the real world.